Station to Station

Station to Station is a multi city “happening” from New York to San Francisco

Station to Station

September 6 – 28, 2013



  • Mavis Staples
  • No Age
  • Theaster Gates’ Black Monks of Mississippi
  • Thurston Moore & John Moloney/Caught on Tape
  • White Mystery
  • and others…

Nomadic Sculptures

  • Kenneth Anger
  • Urs Fischer
  • Liz Glynn
  • Carsten Höller
  • Ernesto Neto

Art Works

  • Doug Aitken
  • Kathryn Andrews
  • Thomas Demand
  • Meschac Gaba
  • Lawrence Weiner
  • and others…

Moving Images

  • Doug Aitken
  • Francis Alӱs
  • Allora & Calzadilla
  • Kenneth Anger
  • Dara Birnbaum
  • Kate Casanova
  • Bruce Conner
  • Cheryl Donegan
  • Fischli & Weiss
  • William Forsythe
  • Yayoi Kusama
  • Nam June Paik
  • Raymond Pettibon
  • Nicolas Provost
  • Kelly Sears
  • Stephen Shore
  • Roman Signer
  • Ryan Trecartin
  • John Whitney
  • John Whitney Jr.
  • and others…

Printed Matter

  • Doug Aitken
  • Taylor Ruth Baldwin
  • Yto Barrada
  • Abraham Cruzvillegas
  • Sam Durant
  • Urs Fischer
  • Karen Kilimnik
  • Catherine Opie
  • Jack Pierson
  • Raymond Pettibon
  • Ed Ruscha
  • Josh Smith
  • Ryan Trecartin
  • and others…

A full list of the event’s participants can be found HERE

Doug Aitken is primarily known for his text framed images and large scale visualizations, or even perhaps is musical home in LA, but he also has a thing for organizing neo-happenings. His latest venture, Station to Station, is a multi-city tour that carts a fluctuating group of high profile artists, musicians and foodies from New York to San Francisco on a train, stopping at cities along the way for performances, screenings and music.

Last night, the train pulled into Chicago for it’s due stop. My girlfriend and I had read about the endeavor, it’s expansive and impressive list of participants, and were having trouble wrapping our heads around how the event was to actually take shape. So, like any logical decision made by poor artists in graduate school, we decided to cough up the $25 and go see for ourselves.

What we found, at it’s core, was a cue from festival culture, essentially tailoring a musical experience for people like me who want to see the work, without the 19 year olds and glow sticks. The traveling installation works by Ernesto Neto, Urs Fischer, and Liz Glynn were arranged in a three tent format, one for each artist, and housed a series of music videos in each. I stood in Urs Fischer’s white-on-white carpeted and mirrored disco ball bedroom, while Ariel Pink played an acoustic set on his back for a crowd and a very expensive camera.

Though the work wasn’t all that trite, there was an excellent and palpable live performance by a couple of bull whipping cowboys, an incredible set by Black Monks of Mississippi, and a trip down Art History lane with a few classic videos to buff between sets.

All in all the the night was fun and tipsy, but proved to be more social than anything else. Although, if anything can be said, it is inspiring to see the willingness of so many talents trying to pull together and actually do something, whether Levi’s is paying the tab or not.

Images of the Chicago event can be found here. Next stop Minneapolis.

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