Daily Archives: May 5, 2013

Review of Michael Robinson’s Circle Spectre Paper Flame at the Carrie Secrist Gallery


Stepping into the Carrie Secrist Gallery the small collages and two large photographs lined the white cube. These works created by Michael Robinson are part of the exhibition Circle Spectre Paper Flame. All of the two dimensional works have a correlating thread of color and imagery. The imagery appeared to comment on an otherworldly place of being or a type of bohemia life style. This similar feeling was present in the video piece, which was neatly tucked into its own room for viewing.  All of the work seemed to fall into that category of New Age urban art, the tread that is in galleries, on T-shirts, or used in hipster retail stores like that of Urban Outfitters. I say this because of the subject matter, color palette, and compositional arrangement.

The piece that did not seem to fall into this category was the photograph depicting a moon’s nightly cycle that scrolled across two pages of an opened book held up to the darkened sky. The piece was significantly strong because of the multi faceted idea of have a book take record of the duration of the moon’s nightly ritual like unto a camera’s position. Or considering the idea that the book already preexisted with this image of the moon and then being held up to mimic the real moon. It kept my attention and coxed me to consider and reconsider the creation and concepts being discussed.

The collages themselves were well made and compositionally tight but, they did not have as much life to them as did the photographs. The video work could be walked into at anytime and place the viewer in a state of walking in on someone’s journey. The reoccurring themes in the video showed to be centered around a mystical existence that was commenting on a utopia or otherworldly experience.


This exhibition is worth considering but in no way does it stand out as an exhibition that has to be attended.