Steven Hudson at Peter Miller Gallery

IMG_0288 IMG_0287

4 responses to “Steven Hudson at Peter Miller Gallery

  1. Where to begin with this show? Hudson’s figures and animals in barren spaces are academic executions of a dystopic future that could hardly be aware of their oppositional stance to the contemporary art world’s current fascination with abstract painting.

  2. stylized figure painting into bleak atmosphere
    forlorn yet threesome-ing bodies with incoming decapitation
    oh actually the greater crime was the big color painting in the office area, with the lady who’s certainly not Peter Miller

  3. Indeed, the work in the office or back room should always be taken into consideration if it is visible while seeing the actual exhibition on view

  4. I definitely appreciate it when drawings can give me a visceral feeling of shape. The human figures in these drawings have weight do them, dimensionally and emotionally. Definitely lent themselves to a quieter and more meditative space, of greater depth, than the painting in the back allowed.

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